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Every day, marketers all over the world spend hours poring over twitter feeds and social posts by prospects, customers, and partners. Their goal is simple, to learn what is top-of-the-mind for their target market, which will in turn enable better engagement. This effort costs businesses a humongous amount of money. Which would be okay, if the value of this exercise yielded actionable insights in a timely fashion. The challenge is that social media usage has exploded across the board. B2B outreach especially, has seen tremendous disruption in the last several years, with consistent two-way interaction trumping conventional mass market outreaches. Marketers have realized that they need to engage with prospects, customers, and partners both, on an individual and community basis. In response, a large number of “listening tool” companies have rushed in to help. Unfortunately, these tools have exacerbated the data overload problem. Businesses are left scratching their heads and wondering, “This is good info, but how do I keep track of it?” helptone MarketTracker lets you, the marketer, define who to follow, what conversations to listen in on, and empowers you to gain a thorough understanding and then intelligent engagement with your target audience of one or many. We do the heavy lifting – Collect, Organize and Summarize (COS) social data, so you can apply the social information to better compete in the marketplace.

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Helptone delivers curated social data specific to business and consumer interest categories in a concise digest form. Browse our digests and check us out!

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