VP-Marketing Identifies and Engages With Relevant Influencers, Analysts, Reporters

Megan heads marketing at a technology company and personally follows influencers, analysts in her target market. “problem was that I did not have enough time to keep up with them on Twitter”,she says. hlpTone organizes the conversations for me. I know what Topics are hot with my “Followees”. I can also see what is being discussed on a specific Topic and who the active influencers on that Topic are. I can then take action – including sharing this with the appropriate stakeholders in my company. What did Megan achieve? 1. Clear visibility into what currently interests and concerns her market influencers. 2. Hassle-free, and significant time savings: Social Data is organized and delivered to her! Based on a true story.

Account Manager At A PR Agency Keeps Track Of Social Activities for Multiple Products/ Clients

helptone track competitive social activity for you helptone keeps track of social activities for mutipleproducts
Jay is an account manager at a PR agency and is responsible for 6 clients. increasingly, over the last few months, my clients have been looking to better understand what is going on in the social media in their target market. At any given time, I need to be able to tell my client how a particular blog/press release was received or reaction to a competitor';s announcement – the market is trending towards a data-driven culture,he says. hlpTone helps me provide the client what they need and more. HelpTone saves me from hours of research and makes me look good in front of my clients.

What did Jay achieve?

  1. Daily Understanding of how each of his clients are doing, socially.
  2. Significant savings on time: Social Data is organized and delivered.
  3. Spend more time on how the clients can benefit the social information.
Based on a true story.

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