Social media is driven by immediacy. Yet, marketing teams spend hours to track social data.

Our studies have shown that typical marketers and their teams spend hours poring through tweets and other social data. Some track social data – past and present – to understand their industry. Others do it to keep up with the competition. Most want to get to know their prospects and customers. Many teams have dedicated social trackers. Their only job is to filter, track, and respond to/ retweet social posts. At best, they’re just barely able to keep up with the social action.

Does Social Tracking have to be so much work?

No! helptone’s MarketTracker app is a track and organize app that enables insights on Tweets and other crowd-sourced/ social data. Marketers define criteria that are important to them and then sit back as the tool collects and organizes the data. A “Social Digest” can be configured which will be periodically emailed to them- the frequency can be set by the user. The goal is to make crowd-sourced insights easy to access and act upon; tracking influencers and prospects simple and fast. Marketers using MarketTracker saw –
  • 100% Improvement on effort required to stay on top of relevant social activity – MarketTracker brings the information to you
  • 100% More time to act on social data – MarketTracker organizes the social information for you
  • Zero Delay in Sharing Information – With MarketTracker, Point, Click, and Share with right person right away!
Read on for how we make this possible. Easy To Get Started MarketTracker is cloud-based and can be set up quickly. YOU can customize it for your market, company, or products. Whether you want to discover or track influencers, competitors, or understand your market, MarketTracker delivers emerging topics on issues that matter to YOU. Your Dashboard Can’t keep up with all your Twitter “Follow-ees”? Tired of searching for Tweeted topics individually? Create YOUR own dashboard with MarketTracker. You decide what is important or which data is relevant. Simple navigation puts the details one click away. Your Email Digest Workdays are packed? Constantly on the go? Afraid of missing out on the social discussions? MarketTracker can email Your Social Digest every day with Leading Topics so you can be better informed. Start or end your day with it. Read it over breakfast, lunch or on the go. Share with Your Team Keeping internal stake-holders involved is critical. MarketTracker makes sharing simple. You can also provide customized access to different team members – whether they are in Marketing, Sales or Support. Just set it up and watch it go!

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